Michael Mechmann
Michael Mechmann


What is a blog, and why do I have one? These are the questions so many of us wrestle with.

In my case, at least, I’ve had this here internets webzone for a long time, and I used to have something like a blog before I deleted everything and threw up a placeholder. The intention was always to get back to something like a blog again, but … that didn’t end up happening.

Until now!

So, here we are. Starting fresh. Hi!

I’m Michael Mechmann (he/him). I’m from New York: born in the Bronx, raised in Yonkers, and lived in Brooklyn before moving to California. I like coffee, cats, good books, video games with puzzles and strategy, long walks on the beach and working with my hands. Despite that last one, I’m a programmer by trade, a composer by training, and a writer under duress. Although I guess typing almost counts as working with my hands?

Politically, I tend to skew pretty far left (for the USA), and I’m a card-carrying member of the Democratic Socialists of America. If the term “socialist” bothers you, this blog is probably not a good place for you to be. I present male, I’m lily-white, and I was raised Christian (since lapsed) in these here United States, so I’m about as privileged as they come, but I’m always trying to be a better person, so please do call me out or @ me if you catch me being ignorant or insensitive. Don’t @ me if you’re anti-trans or anti-feminist or “race-critical” or any of that bullshit, I just don’t have time for that.

For more information about me or about this website, you can check out the About page.

Anyway, I’ll try and post thoughts here about all kinds of things. I have a lot of thoughts, but rarely the motivation to make enough sense of them to put them into words, but since I don’t keep a journal this is probably the next best thing, right?

I’ll also try to keep this site updated with project information. I can’t really guarantee that it’ll be consistent or informative, but at the very least at least you can all share a laugh at how bad I am at soldering, or working up the nerve to hire people to perform my music. And if I can bring a little joy into the world, well, won’t that all be worth it?