A musical diary for solo piano spanning the year 2022. Note: due to personal issues that arose during 2022, this project was not completed. I may or may not release any of the music that I was able to compose before things fell apart.

Each piece in this set corresponds to a month of the year, but does not try to represent that month, nor the seasons or anything like that; rather, each one will be an attempt to capture my thoughts and reflections on my music and music in general as the year goes on.

Compositional Process

In order to focus my thoughts, each piece will be written for solo piano. One of my major instincts is to reach for as many instruments as possible, to throw as much tonal color at the canvas as I can, and I’m intentionally trying to rein that in here. There is plenty of color to be found in each musical instrument out there. Plus, keeping things both limited in one sense — there’s only one instrument to write for — and unlimited in another — the piano has a very wide range and can play many notes simultaneously — will give me some breathing room even while it keeps me coloring within a fairly strict set of lines.

In order to keep the theme clear, each piece will have a month, a title, and maybe one or two short sentences that relate to the thoughts and feelings that went into its composition. Because I’m considering these to be musical diary entries, I can’t promise these descriptors will make any sense at all to anyone but myself.

It’s a modest project, but it serves mostly as a way to grease the wheels and stretch the old muscles that haven’t had much exercise in the years leading up to this point.

Recordings and Performance

I have to admit, I’m not a very good pianist. I doubt I’ll be able to perform these pieces well at the correct tempi. I will make a game attempt, and I may render them electronically, but ultimately I suspect I’m just going to have to hire a real pianist.

Which is to say, no recordings are yet available, but stay tuned!

January: Self-Actualization

Where must I shout for my voice to be heard?

Recording TBD

February: Minimally Profane

this is me

being very petty

in a way

only I

will understand

Recording TBD

March: In Like a Lion

Come play with me!