Michael Mechmann
Michael Mechmann


As I mentioned at in a previous post, I’m embarking on a musical project this year. The parameters have a changed slightly since that post, but the idea is essentially the same: I’ll be writing a musical diary for solo piano, with one entry for each month of 2022. I think it’s going to be kind of neat.

In the post I mentioned I would be uploading these pieces, which to me meant recordings that you could listen to. Unfortunately, as I explored the idea and settled on a set of works for solo piano, I realized that it would probably be a disservice to upload them that quickly. I’m not a skilled enough pianist to record good performances myself, and MIDI renders aren’t ideal (plus, since I’m writing these on paper first, it requires the additional steps of transcribing them, tweaking VST settings, ensuring it doesn’t sound too robotic, etc.). So for now, I’ll just be writing, but I’ll figure out the best way to get them up here over the course of the year. I’ll probably just have to pay a pianist, but that’s not so bad.

Also, if there’s a pianist out there who’s interested in performing twelve short pieces of wildly different styles over the span of a year, please do hit me up.

But that’s it for now. I’ve jotted down my thoughts on the project in more detail on its dedicated Music project page. When I figure out the recording thing, they’ll be posted there, and I’ll have another post on the main blog (here) after it’s all done. I hope you’ll enjoy this little musical journey through the year with me!